Numerous Types of Equipment

CHAMP 24/7 Gym has an extensive collection of premier training equipment from various brands: Prime Fitness (formerly Strive), Hammer Strength, Icarian, Body Masters, Flex Fitness, EliteFTS, Sorinex, Rogue, and more.  The incredible combination of equipment has created a revolutionary opportunity for trainers and members to achieve their desired results.   

CHAMP features a large collection of barbells: Texas Power Bar, Westside Barbell Power Bar, Rogue Fitness Bar, Safety Squat Bar, Cambered Squat Bar, Neutral Grip Bar, American Cambered Neutral Grip Bar, Cambered Block Pull Bar, E-Z Curl Bar, Neutral Grip Log Press Bar, Bamboo Bar, Earthquake Bar, Tsunami Bar, Trap / Hex Bars, and more.  These barbells are typically used in the EliteFTS collegiate racks with safety straps and mono-lift attachments or the EliteFTS competition bench with adjustable safety spotter arms. 

The large collection of barbells is complimented by a larger collection of over 50 cable attachments for various lat pulldowns, rows, biceps, triceps, chest, and shoulder exercises.  Any of the 50+ attachments can be used with Lat Pulldown, Seated Cable Row, Free Motion Dual Stack Cable Machine, 200 lb. per stack Dual Adjustable Cable Columns, or the Customized 400 lb. per stack Heavy Duty Dual Adjustable Cable Machine.

Recently, most of the equipment questions have concerned “Chest” and “Legs”.  In an effort to provide clarity to those individuals, the following is a current list of CHAMP 24/7 Gym’s “Chest” and “Leg” equipment.

CHAMP Equipment Example Upper Body (A.) Chest:

CHAMP provides the following “Chest” machines: (1.) Prime Peck Deck, (2.) Prime Flat Bench (plate loaded machine), (3.) Prime Incline Bench (plate loaded machine), (4.) Hammer Strength MTS – Incline Bench Press (pin select), (5.) Hammer Strength MTS – Flat Bench Press (pin select), (6.) Hammer Strength MTS – Decline Bench Press (pin select), (7.) Lever-Edge Dual Arm (plate loaded), (8.) Dual Adjustable Cable Column Machine (2 x 400lb. stacks), and (9.) Free Motion Dual Adjustable Pully Machine.  [Additionally, (10.) Hammer Strength Vertical Chest Press (plate loaded), (11.) Body Masters Incline Press (pin select), (12.) Icarian Vertical Flat Chest Press (pin select), (13.) Icarian Peck Deck (pin select), and more are being updated/refurbished to add in future…]  These machines plus multiple free weight options: barbells, dumbbells, fat-bells, C-M-Bells, kettlebells, adjustable benches, power racks, competition bench press, chains, bands, and various training accessories (TRXs, weight releasers, bench press boards, coated bands with handles, etc.) provide multiple tools to use in constructing the desired muscle group.

CHAMP Equipment Example Lower Body (B.) Legs:

CHAMP provides the following “Leg” machines: (1.) Prime Leg Extension (pin select), (2.) Prime Lying Leg Curl (pin select), (3.) Seated Leg Curl (pin select), (4.) Standing/Kneeling Unilateral Leg Curl (plate loaded), (5.) Hip ADDuction Machine (pin select), (6.) Hip ABDuction Machine (pin select), (7.) Hammer Strength MTS V-Squat (pin select), (8.) EliteFTS Monster Hack Squat (plate loaded), (9.) Icarian Super Squat (plate loaded), (10.) Hammer Strength Linear Leg Press (plate loaded), (11.) Prime Leg Press (plate loaded), (12.) Lever-Edge 1-Leg Squat/Lunge (plate loaded), (13.) Elite FTS Professional GHD, (14.) Elite FTS Professional 45 degree Back Extension, (15.) Sissy Squat Platform, (16.) Sorinex Glute / Hip Thrust Machine, (17.) Icarian Standing Angled Calf Machine (pin select), (18.) Hammer Strength Seated Calf Raise (plate loaded), (19.) Hammer Strength Tibia Raise Machine (plate loaded), plus multiple free weight options in power racks with various barbells and training accessories (foam plyo-boxes, hip/belt squat and elevated platform, etc.).  [Additionally, (20.) Hammer Strength Linear Hack Squat (plate loaded), (21.) Flex Fitness Hack Squat (plate loaded), (22.) Icarian Hack Squat (plate loaded),  (23.) Icarian Leg Press (plate loaded), (24.) Bear Squat (plate loaded), (25.) Icarian 1-Leg Squat/Lunch Machine (plate loaded), (26.) Westside Barbell Reverse Hyper (plate loaded), (27.) Icarian Glute Kickback (pin select), (28.) Body Masters Leg Extension (pin select), (29.) Body Masters Lying Leg Curl (pin select), (30.) Body Masters Standing Unilateral Leg Curl (pin select), (31.) Body Masters Seated Calf Raise (plate loaded), and more are being updated and refurbished to add in future…]

If you have more questions regarding CHAMP 24/7 Gym's featured equipment, please let us know.

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