ustin Swinney has had a passion for training and nutrition since a young age. His father, Todd Swinney, became involved with strength training and physique enhancement in the late 1970s and was extremely successful with thousands of individuals throughout his almost 40-year career.  Fortunately, Justin was able to get an early start on his career by interning with his father in the Summer of 1999.  After the initial exposure, Justin pursued his formal education and continued his anecdotal application/experimentation. 

Justin attended the University of North Alabama (UNA) for his bachelor (Fitness) and master (Human Performance and Health Promotion) Degrees.  During his undergraduate and graduate programs, Justin successfully competed in NPC Bodybuilding (2005 – Greater Knoxville Classic – 1st place Novice Middleweight and Overall) (2007 – NPC Alabama State Championships – 1st place Open Middleweight) and coached hundreds of other individuals to 1st place victories.

After graduate school, Justin decided to open his own private training facility (CHAMP Performance Training) in January 2009. Over the years, it grew substantially and became a 24/7 keycard access private training facility. Now, CHAMP Performance Training, 24/7 Gym, is known as one of the premier training facilities in North Alabama.

Currently, Justin trains 1-on-1 clients at CHAMP every day and coaches his athletes via his app “CHAMP Performance Training”.  If you are interested in booking a session with Justin and becoming a Monthly Training/Nutrition Coaching Client, Fill Out the Contact form and He will be in touch.  If you have questions about what the app provides, go to the app store, search “CHAMP Performance Training,” and read the description.