Nutrition / Training Consultation and Coaching

NUTRITION / TRAINING Consultations and Coaching:

Justin Swinney offers Nutrition / Training Consultations, Education, and Coaching.  Justin delivers his Coaching Services through his app "CHAMP Performance Training" (in the app store).  It is a private 1-on-1 custom programming app and can not be generically downloaded or used without Justin creating your profile and program. 

Nutrition Coaching:

The app allows your coach to create numerous options per meal with accurate macro information, and an easy way to substitute various options when you log/track your nutritional intake. 

Training Programming:

The app provides an incredible opportunity for Justin to create a custom workout plan for you and your goals.  It also has an incredible workout log / tracking feature, so you can record your weight / reps for each exercise and monitor your overall progression. Justin provides lengthly descriptions for each exercise to make sure your technique is solid and exercises are performed properly.  The app also features a "Vault" of educational training videos and PDF documents that aren't available publicly. 

Justin uses the app to deliver his training and nutrition programming for in-person and online clients.

Currently, Justin is offering his total coaching service of monthly consultations (in-person or online) with continuously updated custom nutrition and training plans for only $200/month.

If you live within driving distance to CHAMP Performance Training, 24/7 Gym, you will meet with Justin at CHAMP ~ 1 time per month.  During the meeting he will perform a 9-site body fat skin fold assessment (Parrillo Method) and an overall composition analysis.  At the beginning of each meeting, you will discuss your previous months results and how it relates to your goals, then you will review options for the upcoming month.  After everything is understood, Justin will update your program (Nutrition and/or Training) via the app and you will be able to follow the customized protocol for another month.  To maintain accountability, you will continue to meet with your coach ~ 1 time per month.  Obviously, life can get busy or stressful, so if the meetings are exactly ever 4 weeks that is ok.  You will have unlimited access to Justin throughout the month via text, email, and encrypted messaged via the app... So, he will be able to keep you focused and on track.

If you are interested in coaching or if have any questions or concerns, fill out our contact form and it will be sent to Justin.  He can get you scheduled for an in-person or virtual consultation ASAP.