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Lean8 History:

Lean8 version 1 was released in November of 2014 and satisfied thousands of customers in its 4-year lifespan (replaced with version 2 in November 2018).  The overwhelming success and positive feedback fueled efforts for creating a formula that could surpass the original version. Swinney Nutrition has exceeded all expectations and improved upon the expected results. Lean8 version 2 has been unbelievable during beta testing and now it is available for you. 


 Lean8 Formula updated November 2018: 

Lean8 increased the active ingredients 400 mg per serving by changing the capsule from Size 0 (600 mg per capsule) to Size 00 (800 mg per capsule). Lean8 added a trademarked TertraSorb™ delivery system for helping the ingredients travel past the stomach and into the gut. Once Lean8 reaches the intestine, two potent absorption enhancers are released, and the components immediately go to work.

 The Lean8 formula features five patented ingredients.

 Carnipure® - the registered trademark of Lonza.



 Carnitine Fumarate

 LeanGBB® - the registered trademark of Genabolix.

 Capsimax® - the registered trademark of OmniActive Health Technologies.

 Progestive® - the registered trademark of Nutraceuticals International Group.

 ChromeMate® - the registered trademark of Lonza.


Why would I take Lean8? 

  • Lose Body Fat

  • Increase Metabolic Rate

  • Enhance Athletic Performance

  • Improve Brain Health and Cognitive Function


How does Lean8 support fat loss without stimulants? 

  • The individual ingredients or active components have demonstrated in clinical studies suggesting or supporting their ability to influence positively: 

    • The transportation of long-chain fatty acids to the mitochondrial metabolic pathway of cells.

    •  The amount of stored body fat used for energy production.

    • Fat loss while preserving muscle tissue.

    • Support for a healthy metabolism and increase energy expenditure to burn calories and fat.

    • Production in endogenous L-Carnitine.

    • Brain function, mental energy, and cognition.

    • Enhance blood flow during and post exercise, which reduces lactic acid accumulation in muscles, therefore, extending exercise capacity before fatigue.

    • Sparing of glucose and muscle glycogen, reducing amino acids used for energy

  • The synergy of eight powerful components used in Lean8’s Fat Loss Formula amplifies the benefits initially provided by each ingredient.


Suggested Use:

Two capsules, twice daily, with or without food.


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